Creative Director Dave Gibson grew up in Charlotte, NC and moved to Salt Lake City in 2001 to take a year off and snowboard the Wasatch mountains. Although Listen was born shortly before the move, Salt Lake is where it developed into something bigger.

Listen gets its name from when Dave began his graphic design career, creating club flyers and posters for the rave scene in the mid '90s. He also had been DJing at clubs around Charlotte, and started to create his own brand of events (Joy For Life), where his flyer design and blend of music behind the decks worked together to create a coherent theme.

After too many late nights at the club, his work slowly began to shift its focus from music to the outdoor industry. It was a natural progression—when he wasn't designing, he was always outdoors. Since he had intimate knowledge and experience with the outdoor market, he began specializing in conveying messages of brands within the industry so skiers, riders and athletes would find it appealing and honest to their core audiences.

Dave has earned his design chops from the ground up and loved every minute of it—starting out as an in-house designer within an architecture firm to art director positions in various global ad agencies to holding two and a half years of ownership as creative director of Discrete Headwear. Dave has also been a design consultant for for the last five years.

When he's not designing, traveling or admiring furniture, architecture and the latest technical gear, his hobbies include: snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything outdoors. He also has an amazing wife, a 2 year old son, and two dogs that keep him company.